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ComfiNap® Mattress with natural Latex and KoolSleep® foam technology From Only:£230.00

ComfiNap® Mattress with natural Latex and KoolSleep® foam technology From Only:£230.00

ComfiNap® is 22 cm deep mattress comprising of four unique foam layers. The top layer of natural latex provides a cool,  and gentle surface. The second layer of our revolutionary Cool Sleep® foam moulds to the body shape. The third layer of Visco-elastic foam maximises the support and comfort bringing body contours to natural shape. The final layer of high-density foam offers maximum support. It is ultra-resilient and provides a perfect foundation for the layers above. 
  • ComfiNap® is built with the finest materials for a better night sleep. Its four layers are designed for optimum adaptive comfort for any sleeping style or position, delivering cooling sleep, contouring pressure relief and body support for amazing sleep, for years to come. 
  • Our unique combination of next-generation Cool Sleep® foam and natural latex offers optimal sleep.  Natural latex allows air to flow easily while you sleep, regulating body temperature keeping you cool in summer, warm in winter. Naturally hypoallergenic, latex provides constant freshness and is an ideal sleeping surface for those prone to allergies.
  • At the heart of SupraSleep® is highly resilient, high-density Cool Sleep® foam. It has wide open cells structure with thicker cell walls for enhanced durability. It allows airflow 30 times greater than a premium visco-elastic mattress and proven to wick moisture and dissipate heat away from the body, contributing to a better sleep.
  • SupraSleep® comes with a uniquely crafted zip-off cover with MeshFresh® technology. It has thick quilting to maximise the comfort and universal adaptive feel. The mesh border helps maximise airflow and customised to work perfectly with comfort layers inside. The cover can be easily removed and cleaned. Oh and have we mentioned that the fabrics we use are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified i.e. guaranteed to be free from harmful substances.


For years, the consumers have searched for a cooler, yet comfortable and supportive sleep. After extensive testing, we have created ComfiNap®  mattress, a perfect surface that everybody loves to sleep on. Our best ever ComfiNap® mattress offers the maximum comfort through the unique combination of Natural Latex,  KoolSleep® layer, pressure-relieving visco-elastic memory foam and a supporting layer of reflex foam.  KoolSleep® is proven to wick the moisture and dissipate heat away from the body, resulting in a cooler and sounder sleep. A revolutionary 4th generation cool sleep concept with enhanced breathability and resilience ComfiNap® is a unique cool &  cosy sleep concept offering healthy night sleep, perfectly absorbs body weight; helps blood circulation & gives perfect orthopaedic support for joints.

8 reasons to buy ComfiNap®

8 years warranty: Every ComfiNap® mattress comes with an 8 years guarantee

100 nights risk-free trial: We invite you to try ComfiNap® for 100 nights and let your body decide. Our rules are simple. If you don't like it for any reason, we will arrange a free pickup and fully refund you the cost of purchase.

Delivered Rolled-up: We deliver our mattress rolled up which makes it super easy to take to the room of your choice. Simply unwrap the mattress in your chosen room, and it will expand to normal size within few hours. Time to enjoy your new mattress. 

Hypoallergenic & Anti-dustmite: We went to great lengths to create hypoallergenic and sanitized cover which is kind to skin and assures that your skin will not be exposed to harmful substances.

Firmness Level: Comfort level of ComfiNap® is medium to soft.  However, its luxury quilted cover and top layers add softness to your sleep and base layer offers the support of a firm mattress. Sleep simplified.

A mattress for all surfaces: ComfiNap® will fit cosily on most bases including slatted bases, flat platforms or floor, divan bases or adjustable bases.We recommend to use slatted base for best sleep on  ComfiNap®. Just make sure the slats are evenly spaced for a smooth and perfect sleep surface. We suggest that gaps between slats do not exceed 7cm, it is also important that slats are secured, evenly spaced and rigid.

Peace of Mind: Our materials are sourced from National Bed Federation member and CertiPUR certified manufacturer within the UK, guaranteeing that they are perfectly safe and suitable for everyone and free from any harmful substances.MeshFresh® sleep shells for ComfiNap® are OkeoTEX Standard 100 Certified. Also, fully complies with BS 7177 British safety standards

Made in the UK: ComfiNap® is manufactured in the South West of England. We are proud to partner with industry leading UK based companies.



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