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Shredded Mixed Foam Crumbs From Only:£21.00

Shredded Mixed Foam Crumbs From Only:£21.00

  • We offer high quality shredded foam flakes or foam crumbs. We only crumb brand new, clean and unused foam off-cuts of different densities  (minimum 33 kg/m3) and different. Foam is shredded to the small pieces making it ideal to be used for fillings of bean bags and cushions and any other upholstery.
  • Max. crumb size is 20 mm. Our product is hypoallergenic and guaranteed for cleanliness. 100% Made in the UK. Foam sourced within the UK and conforms to all British Fire Regulations and Laws


  • Shredded Foam Flakes or crumbs can be used for filling new pillows/cushions or prolonging the life of existing pillows/cushions. It can also be used in seating furniture, Bean Bags, Futon mattresses and more.
  • They are also ideal for packaging, crafting dolls, stuffed animals, pet beds or as filling for your pillow or sofa cushion.
  • Available in packs of 5 KG, 10 KG, 15 KG and 20 KG to suit all needs. Free and Fast delivery in easy to handle secure packaging
  • Disclaimer: We only shred fire retardant foam but during the process of rendering the flame-retardant foam to crumb may affect its flame retardant properties

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